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PostedFriday, January 8, 2021

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    How do I update a resource?

    You can submit an edit for review by selecting the resource and then Edit.

    1. Select the resource you wish to submit an edit for.
    2. Select Edit in the upper-right above the resource.
    3. Type in edits to the resource and select Submit.
    4. RAPS will review your edits for submission to Regipedia.
    5. You can view your submissions in your Dashboard accessible by clicking on your profile circle in the upper-right of the system.
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    How do I post a resource?

    You can post a resource from the main Acronyms & Definitions page.

    1. Click the "Add Resource" tab just below the introduction.
    2. Click the icon that describes the type of resource that you want to share with the community.
    3. Provide a short, unique title. When you click in the Title field, the rest of the form will appear.
    4. Add a description that summarizes the potential use or value of the resource.
    5. Use the buttons above the title to add an image or a file. (You may add more than one file to some types of resources).
    6. Use the Main Content area to provide additional details, such has how you have used the resource, what organization maintains the resource, and potential issues that others may encounter when using the resource. For example, it is useful to notify members if the article that you are sharing is available only to journal subscribers. You can click on the "+" button next to one of the available templates for guidance on what to include.
    7. Select one or more categories that apply to your resource.
    8. Click "Post".

    The resource will appear at the top of the Find & Add resources list AND under the Resources tab of your personal profile.